Who Wrote This Wonderful Garbage?

Who Wrote This Wonderful Garbage?
Same guy who did the website, because I have to do literally effing everything around here. My name is on the books. So read the damn books.

Author Bio: 

I live in the Midwest. I have three sons.  I like football, hockey, and cats. One of my cats is in the pic up top. I found him in a dumpster. He hates it when I game and would rather I play with him.

I recently got kicked out of the LDS church for not living up to their standards, so I bought a church of my own. All of this is true. I do own and live in a church. I would like to be rich.  

Contact Info:
You can email me through this website, especially if you own a major publishing business or want to buy the movie rights and make me rich. nicejewbathmats-atsymbol-worlds-apart-books.com