What It's About 

SciFi Full of Big, Bold, Silly, Wonderful Ideas. 
No Agenda. No Lectures. 

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It has been almost two thousand years since the Old Galactic Commonwealth – an empire of more than 13,000 colonies across the galaxy – was wiped out by an alien race of even greater power. Only the most remote, underdeveloped, and overlooked colonies survived the Apocalypse. 

The Pathfinder Ship Pegasus is seven years into a 300-year mission to rediscover the lost colonies of Earth. Pegasus's crew of Sapphireans accustomed to total freedom and Republickers who have lived for centuries under authoritarian rule will have to learn to work together to accomplish their mission.

Prime Commander Bill Keeler of Sapphire – a sarcastic, drunk who never expected to command a starship -- serves as Pegasus's captain. His conniving shrew of a First Officer, Goneril Lear, plots ineptly to take over the command she believes should have been hers. His Tactical Officer, Phil Redfire, likes to blow stuff up in the most artistic way possible. His Navigator can see the future (because you kind of have to in order to navigate through hyperspace) but really doesn't want to be there. 

Rounding out the main characters are a smokin' hot shuttle pilot, a less attractive shuttle pilot, a wildly unstable Artificial Intelligence, a talking cat, and a Mary Sue who helps Keeler with "that technical stuff" since he knows nothing about how his ship works. 

Each book takes the crew to a new and different world (often more than one). 2,000 years of social evolution have produced a wildly divergent range of civilizations. Some of them can't even be considered human anymore, even in the loosest sense of the word. (They've become electric dragonflies, sapient trees, mutant carnivals, and dolphins and such.)   

Also, in the darkness between the stars, a terrifying enemy awaits. 

What It's About