12 Books, 9 short stories, dozens of worlds, hundreds of characters.... Worlds Apart represents a vast and diverse universe. (Actually, nine universes) and so me and some of the fans set up this here Worlds Apart Wiki with all kinds of background information. It's also where most of the RetConning happens, and also contains some integrated background stories, such as:

  • Each book has its own entry (like this one for example), which includes explanations of the inside jokes, obscure references, and other details that went into the writing. 
  • Both minor and major characters get background stories, like the colorful history of Tolkien Xerox, a character who appears in exactly one brief scene in the first part of Book 1. (And a cameo in Book 09.)  
  • The History of the Second Aurelian War, which is a huge background event in the second half of the series.
  • You can read up on the other pathfinder ships mentioned in the series and see how their missions worked out.
  • All that futuristic technology, how does it work?
  • Is Trajan Lear ... you know? Well his biography will most definitely not answer that question.
  • Do you really want to know the names of every ship in the Fleet of Orion and the names of their officers? Okayfine.
Seriously, if you wanted to, you could fall down that Wikihole. There's at least another book's worth of background content up there. 

Eventually, I hope to have more entries than the Wiki for Little House on the Prairie:
Exceedingly Detailed Background Stuff image