WA BK 10: Eventide

Pegasus got the absolute friggin' crap kicked out of it at Gethsemane. The planet Eventide  has abundant supplies, but they are controlled by the planet's corrupt ruling class. While trading goods for desperately needed supplies, Keeler accidentally trades some hardcore pornography from the planet Aurora for a shipment of corn and whisky. This transaction unwittingly initiates a kind of pornographic tulip mania among the planet's ruling class, and ultimately results in Keeler exchanging a bootleg copy of 'The Anal Annihilator versus the Red Crotch of Thunder in the Ultimate Throwdown Showdown' for control of an entire island-state."

Author's Notes: The thing I wanted to do here was write about capitalism and throw in a bunch of Shakespeare references; kind of 'Atlas Shrugs' meets 'The Tempest' (also 'MacBeth,' 'Hamlet,' 'Two Gentlemen of Verona,' 'Emo Hamlet'  and, strangely enough, 'Twilight.')  It's kind of a big novel about capitalism, Shakespeare, pornography, and voyages by sea. Also, there's a decidedly non-pornographic romance between Keeler and a local noblewoman; if you're into that sort of thing.

This was, hands down, the toughest one to write because of all the pseudo-Shakespearean dialogue. It's also the shortest one. 

This is available from Amazon for a few bucks. It's available in both paperback and Kindle formats. I designed the cover myself; it sucks.