WA BK 06: Crucible

WA BK 06: Crucible

Author's Notes: So this started out being kind of "Poseidon Adventure in Space" idea, but the comedic centerpiece was the parody of Kai and Xev Bellringer from Lexx. Unfortunately, I don't think very many people even remember Lexx. The main female character in Lexx was a promiscuous sex slave. Yeah, in the 1990's, you could do that. But since the parody of Lexx is no longer obvious, and since SJWs have no sense of humor anyway, the character who previously described herself as "a sex slave" no longer describes herself as such. Sex trafficking is evil, it shouldn't have to be said, but in this case, she was using the words of her culture to describe her voluntary exclusivity to a single partner. But why risk being inflammatory? 

This is the halfway point in the journey and the point where everything changes. Some characters are going to say goodbye, and others are going to say "So Long." When I started writing, I didn't intend it to be a killing spree, I just wanted to be able to bring in some fresh characters for the back end of the series and promote some minor characters who I thought were getting interesting, like Trajan Lear. I would subsequently regret getting rid of some of them. 

Nothing will be the same after this. Nothing! By which I mean, after this book, you have to go to Amazon and start paying if you want the next two books. This one is downloadable in PDF for free.


Kindles can read PDF files, apparently, but I also used an online converter to make it into a .MOBI format for Kindle.