WA BK 05: Aurora

WA BK 05: Aurora

Author's Notes:  Aurora was inspired by the 'American Flagg' comic books of the 1980 and recreates that world of corporation-instigated sex and violence, and also gave me a chance to give characters names like "Manly Erectus," "Merry Bigguns," and 'The Glorious Burbank Experience." Oh, yeah and having a cybernetics genius who talks like Elmer Fudd was a nice cherry on top of the hot fudge sundae of weirdness that is Book 05.

Freshly edited for 2018; Forty pages shorter than the previous edition. There used to be a romantic subplot between Matt Driver and Eliza Change where she takes him through this ritual and shows him the future to show why they can't be together. Upon reread, it was pretty dumb, so in the rewrite, she just dumps him. Much more consistent with here character. Available for free download in PDF format.


I am told Kindles can read the PDF's, but I made a version in Kindle's preferred format as well.