WA BK 03: Boadicea

WA BK 03: Boadicea

Boadicea is the exact opposite of The Handmaid's Tale, partly because it's set in a woman-run society where women treat mean like crap, but mostly because it's actually well-written, fun-to-read, and isn't smacking you in the face with a political lecture every five minutes. (At most, every 30 or 40 minutes, and then only a gentle nose boop). Science fiction seems to have some standard tropes associated with matriarchal societies; they are either peaceful and enlightened because womyn are so much wiser than men, or they're amazons with big pointy spears and bodacious ta-ta's.  I doubt either of these would be how it would really work out and tried to portray such a society more realistically.   

Boadicea is also one of those egalitarian-utopian societies where everyone is equal, and everyone shares, but those who are in charge of running the egalitarian-utopian society are entitled to higher standards of living because telling people what to do all the time is such hard work. 

And the Aurelians - I wanted to do the exact opposite of normal sci-fi and instead of having the villains be reptilian monsters or something, I decided to make them gorgeous. Instead of making fascistic speeches, they talk about love, liberation, and unity. Under the pretty words and beautiful faces they are, of course, complete monsters (morally) and only our telepathic characters can detect that. How frustrating would it be for them to know that the Aurelians are lying and their intentions are sinister but be unable to communicate that to the people who've fallen in love with them? 

This one was re-edited for 2018 and Boy Howdy was it edited. About eighty pages of its original length were cut. Early on, my characters when confronted with a challenge would talk about it from every possible angle. The story moves a lot better if they focus on one or two options and quickly cut to the chase. So, that was most of the cutting. It's a much tighter story, now. It's a free pdf download, like the other early books. I have uploaded the pdf file here.  


I also made a Kindle-Friendly version, suing the same free website I used for the first two books (and the next three books). Seems to work on my own device.


If it doesn't work, Amazon offers a "Send to Kindle" browser extension for Firefox and Chrome users. A single click will send the PDF from your Browser to your Kindle via Whispersync.