WA BK 02: EdenWorld

Author's Notes: The big idea here was to just create one of the strangest worlds I could imagine and then create a plausible explanation for its existence. So, Keeler and company find themselves on a planet where there are flying birdmen, ground-pounding rhinoceros-men, lion's head men, and real vampires and other monsters walking around. How did this come to be? 

I used to like this one quite a bit, but I didn't read it when I started the new website. It was my favorite for a longtime because it had the weirdness and humor that was what I was going for when I started writing this damn thing. Generally, the crazier and weirder it gets, the more I like them. The journey of Keeler down the Gold Stone Highway and the ending scenes inside the Temple of the Zaibatsu achieve that level of weird-crazy. Also, Redfire and Morgan's interactions with the villagers in their respective stories while not quite weird and crazy still let those stories stand out on their own. There's some bits I would change if I ever give it another pass, probably. It achieves much of what I set out to do when I started writing, it establishes a world with a completely different society and culture and gets into the historical circumstances that brought that world about. 

Book 02 has recently received the Retcon treatment. Its been proofed and edited once again. Some new funny bits have been added in. It still holds up as a pretty solid story. It is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format. The Kindle version might be free with Amazon Prime. Not sure how that works, TBH.