WA BK 02: EdenWorld

WA BK 02: EdenWorld

Author's Notes: The big idea here was to just create one of the strangest worlds I could imagine and then create a plausible explanation for its existence. So, Keeler and company find themselves on a planet where there are flying birdmen, ground-pounding rhinoceros-men, lion's head men, and real vampires and other monsters walking around. How did this come to be? 

This is also the unedited original. I used to like this one quite a bit, but I didn't read it when I started the new website. It was my favorite for a longtime because it had the weirdness and humor that was what I was going for when I started writing this damn thing. Generally, the crazier and weirder it gets, the more I like them. The journey of Keeler down the Gold Stone Highway and the ending scenes inside the Temple of the Zaibatsu achieve that level of weird-crazy. Also, Redfire and Morgan's interactions with the villagers in their respective stories while not quite weird and crazy still let those stories stand out on their own. There's some bits I would change if I ever give it another pass, probably. It achieves much of what I set out to do when I started writing, it establishes a world with a completely different society and culture and gets into the historical circumstances that brought that world about. 

Free for download in .pdf format. 


I also made a Kindle-friendly version using one of the free online conversion sites (and I kicked them a few bucks because fair is fair).  It seems to work OK on my device, and I didn't see any ads for Russian hookers or Nigerian Investment opportunities. 


If the .Mobi file doesn't work, Amazon offers a "Send to Kindle" browser extension for Firefox and Chrome users. A single click will send the PDF from your Browser to your Kindle via Whispersync. So, try that, maybe.